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Museums and exhibitions in Louisiana

Theater and opera houses

Museums and exhibitions in LouisianaShaw Center for the Arts in Baton Rouge
The Shaw Center for the Arts in the city of Baton Rouge was opened in 2005 and is a venue for the performance of the performing arts with a total area of ​​approximately 12,000 m². The Shaw Center for the Arts also houses the Louisiana State University Museum of Art and the Louisiana State University School of Art Gallery. The Shaw Center for the Arts continues to be interesting due to its glass architecture and also leaves little to be desired in terms of cuisine.

Contact 100 Lafayette Street
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70801

Baton Rouge River Center
The Baton Rouge River Center opened in the late 1970s as the Riverside Centroplex and is one of the largest venues in Louisiana with a total area of ​​20,000 m². Concerts, sporting events, trade fairs, theater performances and other events take place here. The different areas of the Baton Rouge River Center offer a seating capacity from 1,900 to an incredible 12,000 seats for the different events.

Museums and exhibitions in Louisiana

Contact 275 South River Road
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70802

Orpheum Theater in New Orleans
The Orpheum Theater in the city of New Orleans was built from 1918 to 1921 and was initially used for Vaudeville performances. The building was built in the Beaux Arts style and was supposed to be demolished in 1979, but enough money was spent on the renovation and the Orpheum Theater was renovated and reopened in 1989. Today, the Orpheum Theater has approximately 1,900 seats and is the venue for the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra. Hurricane Katrina severely damaged the Orpheum Theater.

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Museums and exhibitions

New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA)
The New Orleans Museum of Art in the city of New Orleans opened in 1911, then known as the Delgado Museum of Art. The New Orleans Museum was designed by Samuel Marx. The museum's collection includes more than 40,000 exhibits. There are departments such as "17th Century Dutch Painting" or "The Spanish Colonial Art of South America". The greatest masterpieces in the collection include works by Monet, Picasso, Matisse, Rodin, Gaugin and Jackson Pollock.

Contact One Collins C. Diboll Circle
New Orleans, Louisiana 70124

Louisiana State Museum in New Orleans
The Louisiana State Museum in the city of New Orleans was founded in 1906 and is now spread across 5 locations in New Orleans, but they are all located in the French Quarter. Thus, the museum shows its exhibitions at Cabildo, The Presbytère, the 1850 House, the Old US Mint and Madame John's Legacy. The Louisiana State Museum also has branches in the cities of Patterson, Baton Rouge and Thibodaux. Everyone who is in New Orleans should try to visit at least one of the 5 locations.

Baton Rouge Gallery
The Baton Rouge Gallery was founded in 1965 in the city of Baton Rouge. The Baton Rouge Gallery was founded by 8 artists to exhibit their own works. It is one of the oldest of its kind in the United States. Today over 50 artists are active in the Baton Rouge Gallery and exhibit their works. From time to time the Baton Rouge Gallery also hosts exhibitions of contemporary art by other artists.

Contact 1442 City Park Ave
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70808

Alexandria Museum of Art
The Alexandria Museum of Art was founded in 1977 and reopened in 1998. The Alexandria Museum of Art is far beyond the borders of Alexandria for its large collection of contemporary art from Louisiana. Visitors will also find the largest collection of folk art from Northern Louisiana in the Alexandria Museum of Art.

Contact 933 Main Street
Alexandria, Louisiana 71309

Masur Museum of Art in Monroe
The Masur Museum of Art in the city of Monroe is located in the former home of the Masur family. This house was built in 1914. The museum has been in this house since 1964, but the museum has existed since 1929. The Masur Museum of Art is the largest museum of fine arts in northern Louisiana. The museum's collection includes works by Miró, Picasso, Rodin and Salvador Dali.

Contact 1400 South Grand Street
Monroe, Louisiana 71202

New Orleans African American Museum
Located in the Tremé neighborhood, the New Orleans African American Museum is committed to maintaining and promoting interest in New Orleans African American history. The New Orleans African American Museum does not only refer to the "slave time", but goes far beyond it. The New Orleans African American Museum is located in 7 historic buildings that were once a plantation. Particularly worth seeing is the main building, which is a stone house from 1829. A special highlight of the New Orleans African American Museum is a donation from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which includes around 70 exhibits such as costumes, masks and musical instruments.

Contact 1418 Governor Nicholls Street
New Orleans, Louisiana 70116

Louisiana Museum of Natural History in Baton Rouge
The Louisiana Museum of Natural History in the city of Baton Rouge was founded in 1936 and is located on the campus of Louisiana State University. The Louisiana Museum of Natural History now includes a huge collection of exhibits from the areas of minerals, textiles and costumes, plants and insects. There are over 400,000 arthropod species here alone. However, it should be noted that the department for textiles and costumes is separated from the other departments.

Monuments and memorials

Poverty Point National Monument in Epps
Poverty Point near the community of Epps in northeastern Louisiana is a well-known archaeological site. There are buildings from the Indian period in the area. The found structures date from the 18th to the 10th centuries BC. Chr. And the Poverty Point is eponymous for the Poverty Point Culture. The buildings, which consist of hills and rings, were proposed to UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 2008. Guided tours start several times a day from the visitor center, which is located in the middle of the approx. 1.6 km² facility.

Contact 6859 Louisiana 577
Pioneer, Louisiana 71266
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