Ladies Dresses in the Spring

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The theme of today I’m going to offer below is dresses in spring that are beautiful and modern designs that highlight the beauty of each woman, so it is a kind of dress in particular and let them choose which left them better, but nevertheless the choice of these dresses will be to your taste and elegance of the bride It is especially important to know how to Choose bridesmaids dress in spring as soon as possible. Read more…

Parties Long For Plus Size Dresses

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A prom dress must always be available for any woman, in this case we have to demonstrate that the plus size women are also beautiful and elegant in any aspect, a dress always captivates any woman and also long dress for parties always gives beauty to the woman with a few pounds of more. We offer you a few trends of long dresses for any occasion: Read more…

How Dress For a Wedding on the Beach

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Dress up perfectly for a wedding or marriage is a little difficult, and even more so when it is not in a classic place. So I show how to dress for a wedding which will take place on the beach, so don’t hesitate, nor for a moment about what you’ll put so you look beautiful and glamorous.

First you must know the dress code for a wedding on the beach, so don’t be a papelón. So views correctly you should pay close attention to the tips that I’m going to give straight away that they are about clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup and wrap. Read more…

Cocktail Dresses For Weddings

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Cocktail dresses for weddings

No is the same go to an event that takes place in the day to a night event. If you are invited to a wedding, cocktail, formal meal or a presentation that is carried out in the morning or in the afternoon, don’t need to go put a dress with a very formal tag or long. In general, in the invitation will indicate the clothing you need to carry, otherwise, you will be most useful these cocktail for a day wedding dress tips. Read more…

Enchanted: Free People Catalogue for April

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It’s almost a ritual to the end or the beginning of each new month: look for the latest campaign photos, catalogs or look books. And a store that is at least no longer let me go since Jane Wayne’s Geburtststunde, is free people. Every month on’s new I delight in the images of the Lookbook, am now and little from the pretty Beach and city scenes and immediately wanted me in the images into it to make it become a reality!

I think

And every time „ Whaow Yes damn it. I’d like to everything! “And Yes, so also this time. Somehow every month on’s new topped. April shoot is different, though. In the foreground are the pieces and the beautiful model Sasha Pivovarova, who is damned relaxed before the camera and fits exactly to the casual, hippiesken image of the online store. There needs’s no sand, no southern town, not a lavish sea or a beach bar: alone Sasha and the pretty pieces work. Read more…

Red Prom Dresses

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If you want to be the center of attention at any party or event to which go, then a great strategy is to wear a red dress. It is true that not all the girls have the self-confidence to use a very bold color like this, but don’t fret, if you do well look like a Queen and at the same time beautiful, sexy and extraordinary and you will be the center of attention during the conduct of the party or event. Read more…

Red Wedding Party Dresses

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Red dresses are a unique elegance that can show women and adorning a party, this type of color is very out and has a wide range of great designs with which dress sexy and feline image and can adapt to any body of a woman. We will give you the best trends in red dresses to beautify and make your beauty gala. Read more…

Elegant Prom Dresses

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If you’re looking for an elegant dress for a party or perhaps, looking for your gown for your prom, don’t you worry more because then I will give you options of elegant dresses for parties. Don’t forget to complement your look with accessories and styling of party that you look very beautiful, elegant and sexy at the same time. So you choose the dress that you like to be the envy of your friends. Read more…

Wedding Dresses Court Rule 2014

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You have always wanted to get married in the field and your dream was to complement your look of bride with a wreath of flowers to you a sweet and country appearance? If so, there is one type of excellent dress for you once again become fashionable this year 2014: cutting Empire.

First of all, you have to keep in mind that at the time of choosing one of these dresses for your wedding day, they are its main features. Girlfriend in court dress Empire is characterized by being snug just below the chest and fall straight and very extensive since that part, making to benefit various types of body since super well hidden defects of the silhouette. Read more…

Versace Designed for H & M

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The message of the day: already in the past year after Lanvin for H & M designed, was who the successor speculated, by Alber Elbaz, Karl Lagerfeld and co should be that starts a collaboration with the Swedish brand. This morning it is out. Quite unspectacularly and almost been a little lackluster: It’s Versace! We remind us once again stirred at that time so much promote the collaboration between Lanvin and H & M: the corporate giant and made a big Tohowaboho to the designer. Received the buyer dicing information with small videos, where we got to see no face, and could guess excited, who could hide behind.

This time everything is different, and maybe we’re a little happy about a little bit less sound on the part of H & M. Because imagine the promotional machinery were to continue so until 17 November – then there is the Versace x H & M collection namely in 300 stores worldwide and online. We are looking forward in any case – and the first photos and a video can give us a first good impression. Read more…

Party Dresses For Chubby

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Parties for plus size are very required in your environment and also can look very elegant and radiate beauty, currently different brands and design have been given account that the exuberant body there and now they began to devise appropriate to today’s woman and complex designs. Read more…

Short Party Dresses with Fringes

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No is easy to find the perfect dress for a party or special event. But luckily there is a variety of trends and designs dresses for party. A design that does not go out of fashion with the passage of time are the fringe. The fringes are elegant, sophisticated, fun and youth and provide movement to the outfit. So then I’ll give you some images of dresses of fringed for party: Read more…

Red Wedding Dresses

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Every day they are dresses that you can choose for the wedding day, there are different designs and original colors for a bold and modern wedding. Little by little was seeing how they were changing wedding dresses, from the color palette for the prized white went to the cream and then the champagne color.

Many wedding dresses are tight to the body highlighting the curves, as they are part of the trend coming this year to surprise. But this season already you can enjoy watching the best designers of bridal fashion with new options of wedding dresses for the day so important and special life that you cannot pass unnoticed. Read more…

Celine Resort 2012

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Phoebe Philo, Chief Designer of the French Luxury House Celine, promoted within a very short time in the heart of the detailed fashion pack. Bags and shoes were to blame for this first – at least since last year we wishing us an additional 6 the lottery given her fabric creations however.

Also, if their collection for the majority of us will remain prohibitively expensive, the blonde creative head is able nevertheless to give us a whole lot of inspiration along the way.

The label with his resort is its simple but elegant style collection 2012 faithfully. Soft falling materials perfect the optical rooting in the male wardrobe. Men’s trousers are used to feminine, geometric shapes and hard edges break transparencies. Goes to the next round, because instead of stripes came once to accommodate color-blocking, mixes Phoebe skillfully the primary colors black and white magnetisierendem pink. Light Okkergelb toying thanks to looking through materials with erotic buttoned to, irregular pleats, explosions of colour and slots free knee-length skirt shapes from the Philistinism. Getting there: white Flatforms, and hair in the out-of-bed look. Breach of style in detail just. Read more…

Party Dresses For Chubby 2012

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To choose a perfect prom dress for plus size should keep in mind that it is modern and elegant, while the dresses are all beautiful must be trends in the year 2012, dresses also manage to capture the intensity and figure of the woman and remain satisfied with the choice of your great dress. Read more…

Modern Maids of Honor Dresses

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Wedding or marriage is the most important and special life day. Every bride wants to find a perfect dress which you highlight your curves and look beautiful, sexy, smart and glamorous on your wedding. Also the bridesmaids will be part of that important day, and his clothes will always be remembered life after the wedding, so it is very important that the bridesmaids carried sunset beautiful dresses that make them look spectacular and very beautiful. Read more…

Long Dresses For Parties

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Always is essential in our closet any prom dress to attend an event or an important Festival. What better and more appropriate as a long dress, contributing sobriety, stylization, and above all elegance. For this reason and so you can have more options when buying any model, I’m going to tell you about the long dresses for parties that tendency will make in the year 2014. Read more…

Campaign Watch: Prada and Jil Sander for the Autumn 2011

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Prada and Jil Sander were the trend pioneers of this season. Whether it’s color blocking, stripes, bright colors or the polarizing Brogues were recorded so far widespread beaming with joy, hailed, and copies of all fashion chains.

After such successful collections and campaigns, it is only clear that we this time designs have also a very careful eye on the coming autumn, after the spring campaigns have hit like a bomb. And look how’s in the winter? Definitely more discreet and perhaps also a little unspektakularer. Remains at Prada’s in all cases, while Jil Sander dark times prophesies. Read more…

Wedding Dresses With Tail

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When brides want to wear a dress with tail, and also be beautiful always go to stores more busy and take their own decision which is choosing a design that dazzle and Captivate the eyes of the public. For various reasons we arrived to see different models with different queues glamorous, so we will see some beautiful wedding dresses with tail so you can look and the attraction of the Festival. Read more…

Fancy Dress with Floral Print

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The prom dresses with floral prints are a spectacular piece of current fashion. Long, short, with flowers big or small, romantic, elegant or flashy designs. When it comes to dresses with floral prints, there are many options which can be adjusted both for day and night. If you still don’t have one in your closet, I’ll show you soon gowns with floral prints that inspires you and more please add it. Read more…