Dear Alexa Chung, with You I Want to Start Autumn

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With the September Issue on market magazines are beginning to show what we will teach in the second issue of autumn, i.e., the cover of October they begin to see the light. And today is the turn of the Australian version of Harper ’ s Bazaar. With a very spring-like image, it British girl Alexa Chung is responsible for shaping this new number. Read more…

“I Love You, Kate”, The Particular Tribute Nude Naomi Capmbell Kate Moss in Interview

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The end of year 2012 belongs to Kate Moss. We have wanted it is dedicated with love because it is one of the best models of history, a tribute that comes in line with his book ‘ Kate: The Kate Moss Book ‘, the book of this Christmas for lovers of fashion. Such memories have joined almost all publications of the sector, as Interview, magazine that devotes a particular tribute with Naomi Campbell nude at home, curious, we will. Read more…

To Kyle Minogue Cut You The Leg on The Cover of Elle and Nobody Is Realizes

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What happened to multiple managers who have to give the final OK to the publication of this cover of? Elle not been repaired in the leg of Kylie Minogue? For many answers that we can imagine me does not fit into such head failure. They have eaten foot singer in a Photoshop error terrible. Read more…

As We Were: Geena Davis Para Victoria’s Secret

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The beautiful nymphs of Victoria’s Secret they have been long giving to speak but did not imagine that. Their catalogs and their parades are cause for great excitement and have to ladies and gentlemen glued to the TV rather than the latest chapter of Twin Peaks. But Victoria’s Secret It is not any girl and already has a long history. I love it remember the past and what were we and fashion. Os imaginabais that the protagonist’s? Thelma & Louise It would have been model? Read more…

This Spring Look a WaSP Waist Thanks to The Trend of The Moment: Corsets

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Street style takes several months announcing it and we all know that when the river sounds, water carries. Giovanna Battaglia, Taylor Tomasi Hill, Christine Centenera or bloggers as Elin Kling have been seen wearing that will no doubt be the accessory it of the new season: corsets. But there is not everything, low cost such as Zara and Bershka chains have already been made echo of this incipient trend Would you be able to resist? Read more…

Cats: a Pet and The New Trend for This Autumn 2016 (Which Will Become Viral)

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Already going crazy cats out there… No, not necessarily We need to relate the person with a single woman and a little way (what to refer to Eleanor von furth, the famous character from The Simpsons), if not that this season can refer to you perfectly. The reason? Cats they will be your best company since they have become in a trend… Viral. Read more…

A Puerto Rican 23-Year-Old Hides Her Pregnancy of 5 Months to Be Able to Compete in The Olympic Games Rio 2016

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The illusion of participating in a Olympic Games for those who take training 4 years is what is that, sometimes, takes you to commit Follies. At least so say the compatriots of Diana Reyes a 23-year volleyball player and 1,90 cm tall, native of Caguas (Puerto Rico), that he learned only two days before taking the plane to Rio de Janeiro that she was 5 months pregnant. Read more…

The Generosity of Beyonce by Allowing One of His Dancers Stop The Show Promise in Scene

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Two days ago, during a concert held in St. Louis (Missouri) -forming part of the tour The Formation World Tour -just after singing “Single Ladies”, one of the fans favorite songs of Beyoncé, This sent to stop the show. All to invite to go on stage to the well-known dancer John Silver, very elegant dress with a white jacket. Read more…

The Jeans Are Broken by Knees, at Least The Bloggers Do (And Brands)

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Cold da same. Tagus here, stumps, the jeans continue with the broken fashion but this time are on a small scale, just like a detail that can give another life so loved jeans. The bloggers have signed up to the broken knees for their Street looks. Read more…

Burberry Prorsum at the Milan Spring-Summer Fashion a Week

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Last summer I spent in London was anything but a summer, compared with Spain rain and cloudy days were the continuity rather than the Sun and the summer heat. Perhaps that is the reason why and recalling how each year appears in Glastonbury an essential guest, sludge, as Christopher Bailey He has decided to give the firm the British flavor of the rain, fog, and the festivals of music in a same collection. Read more…

Top 10 Best Looks of the Barcelona Bridal Week

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Just finished the Barcelona Bridal Week, a week full of parades of wedding dresses for the coming year. After having seen all dresses presented wonder why firms do not opt for simpler things with modern touches, something that falls in love with a young bride. Today we review ten most beautiful bridal gowns for 2015. Read more…

New Year’s Eve Dodged the Black and White Dress

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Do they’re not tired of that in? New year’s Eve Everyone go dressed in black and with sequins? I enough, especially now that there are plenty of possibilities to dress different. For example, the white color until now banished from the winter, is increasingly more frequent see it for Prom dresses on the red carpet, It is one of the Favorites of the famous to look radiant (almost like a bride). Shy black and this new year’s Eve, dress in white.

White short dresses for new year’s Eve

The white dresses are like blacks, can adapt completely changing the Add-ins. A white dress asks blunt jewelry, and both gold and silver are great. On the feet, almost any heel shoe you feel will look good: lounges, ankle boots, sandals, and metallic colours, black or with a touch of colour (test red or Fuchsia if you dare).

  • Dress with long sleeve animal print from Mango, 35,99 EUR.
  • Double layer of Mango dress by 35,99 EUR.
  • Asos dress with trim at the neck, by 85,72 euros.
  • Straight dress with crystals on the neckline, River Island for Asos, detail for 71,43 euros.
  • Dressed in flight with grey sequins from H & M, for 29.99 euros.
  • Dress embroidery dress from H & M, its price is 49.99 EUR.

White long dresses for new year’s Eve

It is the ideal time to look almost like a wedding without having to pass by the altar. Leverages and looks a long dress and white.

  • Sleeveless dress with gold belt, mango, its price is EUR 65,99.
  • Dress with detail of lace, handle, for 69.99 euros.
  • Short sleeve dress with lattice Asos motif, with a price of 135,72 euros. Very Keira Knightley style dress.
  • Dress with silvery belt from Asos, for 100 euros.

Photo | Gtres

Fashion for Christmas

  • 11 shoes from Zara to be worth it for all your Christmas commitments
  • Christmas comes not without Victoria’s Secret spot


The Invasion of The Monodrobe

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From the creators of you can live a week carrying just looks blank and black comes the concept of the monodrobe, combining the words “monochrome” and “wardrobe” it prevails in the world of fashion in the last few seasons and that many shops have signed up in their winter collections. Read more…

We Remember 9 of Their Last Best Looks

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We have seen it become Coco Chanel, Anna Karenina and one of our favorites celebrities on the red carpet. We love Keira Knightley and we miss her in the big events. Is back with the? Home of Elle UK? I wish. You could begin with the film ‘Laggies’ promo tour. A chance to see new outfits for your part. Until then We remember 9 of its best recent looks. Read more…

The Look of the Week in Jezebel May 3-9:

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Before a red carpet so mammoth as the of the MET Costume Institute Gala 2010 Read more…

#Meetmeinsonar, The Music Festival That Dressed in Bershka

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This past weekend was held in Barcelona Sonar 2014, a Festival of electronic music that moves the masses. And this year dressed in Bershka, and it is that the Spanish firm was responsible for sponsoring the event. Designers Jarapa Jarapa y Gori de Palma customizaron garments to wear them this summer 2014 and dozens of bloggers wore Palm with overall looks of the firm. With what of? they stay?

Read more…

Kate Moss Poses with His Collection Fall-Winter for TopShop

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A few days ago we talked about the new line autumn-winter of Kate Moss for Topshop, that there was nothing new, we had only seen five examples of how would the designs, but it was already enough to get an idea of what would then have. Read more…

The Monkeys Long More Monkeys for This Christmas

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Almost as essential as the little black dress, monkeys are going to hit the Bell this Christmas. Forget the tight dresses and join the trend of the long monkeys, much more original and more ballots to surprise. Feminine and sensual apes are presented as the perfect choice to attend impeccable dinners and various parties. Details of lace, back to the air and inlaid with precious stones adorn them, noting the long monkeys more monkeys this Christmas. Read more…

All Garments in the Collection Fashion against AIDS H & M

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The Fashion Against AIDS collection of H & M, that comes this time with his second delivery, has as objective to fight against AIDS, as its name indicates, and so joins faces well-known on the current scene, belonging to different arts (from Katy Perry to Tokio Hotel). Read more…

Summer Is Back to Stripes

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With rule and more bevel a pen fine and well stripe after stripe. Without breaking the layout. This summer stripes want to be thin, are left to see, but sometimes try to go unnoticed. The pinstriped becomes minimalist but sometimes choose combinations of colors more eye-catching as this blouse from Euipment that luce Margaret Zhang. Read more…