MBFWB: Random Facts Part 1

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As every season I don’t want facts from the fashion week verzichten…et also this time on the random voila:

-This was by far the most beautiful fashion week and the reason could be barely better: Lina was with me all the time and has accompanied me almost anywhere. Two is just fashion week but much more fun.
-Before the fashion week is fashion week:
Eiiiiigentlich started the fashion week not on Monday, but on Sunday, because as the Dandies staged their infamous party and yes – it was their reputation and I pretty much finished the next day.
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MBFW: Teil 2-Random Facts

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What happens if you have a camera, no one noticed?
I went through this experiment, because HTC has brought a small camera on the market, the RE, which is so secret that simply no one rouses, that you’re holding a camera in your hand – and doing so even pictures (and videos)! Another advantage: you can do Selfies with people without them noticing.
Would I get dared me to Ornella Muti…

Anyway, such a thing is pretty handy, especially on the fashion week and especially if all fashion people feel quite unobserved.
However, not only to spy on the camera is a good idea, but also to the rapid and spontaneous making of images. It is no on / off button press, but only raise – and already is the picture in the box. You have don’t exactly need to aim as you can see on my pictures, because by the wide angle you get everything on it.
But we come to the random facts and impressions… Read more…

The College Girl

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After I was wearing the same hairstyle again and again on my pictures I again felt like on a real casual look that exudes atmosphere and is still a bit of variety. Lately, this cozy looks are my favorite anyway and also where I feel totally well and could carry same combination just for days (I’m of course not – don’t worry!). This is perhaps because I’m wearing loud parts are among my absolute Favorites in the wardrobe: there is the Celine bag, I just still getting hot and dearly love and the Marella coat that I bought over a year ago in Moscow and at the time was the most expensive piece in my closet. But the color and the cut I just couldn’t resist… Read more…

NYFW15 Outfits: Chinatown

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I’ve decided to just spontaneously: it’s all about fashion week!
The background is as follows: I grade my best friend and absolute favorite photographer in the greatest city ever and it’s even fashion week. Basically, we shoot only outfits throughout the day and hop from show to show and because a blog is a sort of personal diary, Yes, the other Blogpostideen this week must be grade back to feed you with my New York outfits.
Somehow it is me grade more at heart to show you, honestly also, because I so love the photos, that’s already difficult enough me not everything on to show. Wait an additional day? Not for my impatient mind! Read more…

NYFW15 Outfits: It’s Time for Daisies

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My last day in New York has arrived and somehow it feels like, when I would leave this city for weeks although I was really only 8 days here. But there were intensive 8 days in which I experienced incredibly learned a lot, and of course have shootings. Now that it’s almost over, I’m a little sad, because it’s here just quite amazing and I’d stayed longer, especially with Lina. On the other hand, I am also on my home, on Berlin and Yes, but to New York just again appreciate also the Berlin weather, I have always complained about white. Because even if I – shot beautiful spring outfits in the moment where I put the jacket for the outfit, I felt extremely the-15 degrees, who ruled here. As a joke, however, is the Berlin winter. But to do this I will write more on Sunday.
Anyway, I am also a little at home, to return here but also in September. Read more…

The Truth about the Fashion Week

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It was already getting more than just a means to an end for me.
It was a means of expression and a way.
It returned my insides on the outside and me different from others as well as it also ordered me a. She stressed my individuality and pushed me out.
It’s always been my great love.
But like any love this too has its good, but also their bad sides.
This includes, finally not everything can be perfect.
The beautiful sites that you know, but what about the poor?
In New York I learned a lot about fashion and the business and not everything has made a positive impression. On some things I wasn’t prepared, on another.
And because I like to pick apart such topics I would like to tell today something about the dark side of the fashion week.
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She’s a Vamp

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After I showed always colorful and loud looks lately in New York is it again at the time the roots to get back to and to wear black again. I think with me it is indeed that I bear only a certain degree of “colorful”, then just need a break, then again to devote to me the. That’s why a typical Masha layering look today come in black, because simply nothing is as much fun as these #all-black everything stories.
And so this is also a bit more spectacular, I’m wearing this time particularly outlandish parts: Read more…

Back to the 90s

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Phew, after I came back from over a week from New York and was in the meantime already in Frankfurt and Munich, there’s a look from good old Berlin today for a change again. After all the crazy looks and brands, this is again a bit simple as it just fits to Berlin.
Who is now looking forward to even more Berlin outfits, I must put the unfortunately for now, because as I write this, I’m already on the way to… Paris!
There, I give the fashion week performance again and again have a few blatant looks in the luggage, but less colorful than in New York, but rather a bit… parisien?
Will you then early enough to see and my favorite part in the case will provide some surprises in any case, I’m sure! Read more…

My Paris Diary – Random Facts – Part 2

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Today comes the final part of my fashion week tour and honestly it makes me a bit sad, because the post also means that this exciting adventure is over but somehow. But wait there out there still many other adventures I will experience this year and goes in half a year the fashion week world tour again by new. Nevertheless, a bit melancholy comes up, when I again look at the photos and thinking about it, but how nice it was, whether now in New York or Paris – I can’t wait to do this again.
To bring the whole thing to a pretty close there are the random facts today Read more…

The Crazy Trousers

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Okay, okay I showed really very many outfits from Paris lately, but the most photographed doesn’t know you yet!
Anyway, until now not yet.
Indeed, it is this outfit here, that style in the Street photographers arrived very well!

I don’t know whether it is a little noticed you lately, but lately I’ve been experimenting a bit with new forms of pants. It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of the skinny, but I discover the new (old) cuts so slow for me and please me on the change. If we are honest it was once again time that a new wind in the closet, that’s why I let inspire me and try out like new, just like in this outfit. Read more…

My Spring/Summer-Style by TK Maxx #TKSummer

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in Tops

Outside the warm spring weather have to wait is because it is rather very changeable, but no reason to hang your head can be. Instead I agree a you with an outfit that produces wakes through and through – at least for me.

You know, I’m not the Colorblocking type, but I finally am something to wear more color – prefer white combined with very much, which lifts the mood with me also.
The outfit, I have opted for a Daffodil yellow upper part, combines everything found at TK Maxx with daisies and white pumps, a breezy Cardigan and an embroidered, summer Blazer. Read more…

Outfit: My Mom and Me

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My mother and I, we’re similar to us in many things – we often act and think alike.
My mother is my family and at the same time my best friend, but there is a point where we’re very different: the fashion taste.
If there is a counterpart to my style, it is quite clear… my mother.

While the one or the other daughter over the years has adapted the style of their parents, just the opposite happened with us, because my mother and I what’s fashion preferences could be more different. Read more…

Outfit: #fearless withOTTO

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I got a dud.
So actually I have very many, but it’s not about that now, but only the one:
I’m not into dress codes.
This does not mean that I no find stupid dress code, on the contrary, the only problem is that I always miss to interpret them.
When it comes to properly rig up to get casual and am right on styled, if everyone else just in jeans and a T-Shirt. I don’t know what that is, but it really often happened to me and everytime I felt wildly uncomfortable – as I would not to be simply. As Spotlight on me would be there and everyone would stare at me.
I have to smile when I think back. Smile about my insecurity and my sudden desperation. Today I would put back much better. but nowadays it also not so often happens to me, because if one knows its weaknesses, you can handle it. If I now go to one event with or without a dress code, I have a backup plan.
I have a leather jacket to me that back down to styling a flashy dress and a fur vest, which makes every outfit look instantly glamorous. Read more…

Inside Fashion – Berlin Fashion Week Events 2015

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In less than two weeks, it’s happening again: Berlin fashion week opens its doors and in the capital the topic of fashion and beauty revolves around for a whole week again. Also in this season – from July 6 to 10 the designers present their collections for spring/summer 2016 – a majority of the shows will be shown at the Mercedes Benz fashion week tent at the Brandenburg Gate. Especially new talent and young designers have the opportunity to present their latest creations to representatives of the press and buyers here twice a year. Read more…

The Fashion Week May Be + Guest List Sweepstakes

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Next week we go the fashion week and I am already quite wild in the vertebrae and put into the preparations, because although thrilling and exciting is hardly a time in Berlin as the fashion week, but hardly a time must exactly planned to.
Everywhere there are shows, parties and events and is virtually impossible to get everything under one hat, so I’ll focus on the highlights.

One of these highlights is definitely the fashion photo gallery of OLYMPUS PEN, which this season for the first time in Berlin will take place and that of the July 7-9, from 10 am to 7 pm at the AquabitArt Gallery in the August Road 35 in Berlin Center.
Here, the most beautiful photographs of international bloggers are shown in large format – among others by Hanna Schumi, Mija, Camilla Pihl, Sarah Mikaela, Ivania, and many more. I will be also there! Read more…

Designer for Tomorrow!

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The fashion week is in full swing and in the course of which I would like attention you on another highlight: the award show ‘designer for tomorrow’.

In the face of this event, I’ll assume this time the Honorable task and will tomorrow, on the day of the show, so fashion ID Instagram account take over and keep you up to date. This means: I will take you backstage, giving here and there a few impressions in the collection, post lots of pics and report of course also live from the show! It is guaranteed so boring!
Just follow @our site and live with watching what I’m doing :) because grade. Read more…

MBFWB: Holy Ghost

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The fashion week is almost over and back formative impressions of collections, wonderful memories of events and feel that Berlin has just the stuff to the metropolis of fashion contrary to all doubts remain.
This impression is also Holy Ghost responsible, not just a wonderful show and a great collection on the legs have provided this summer, but a whole event full of highlights, to offer the guests an unforgettable evening. For no cost and effort was obviously spared: for photos that you could shoot, edit, and then print, it started many bars and even a tattoo lounge, sponsored by sky, where you stick to small tattoos on the spot could (!), so small arrows or heart. Shut off! Read more…

Fashion Week Tagebuch

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Last week fashion week in Berlin was the busiest, but also most exciting time of the year for me, pretty much, because simply anyone who has to do in Germany with fashion is there and the city is awash with shows, events and parties.
But it also means: a week full program. Really full program.

Because a lot of exciting things happen in one week fashion week I try a little to take with you, what thanks to Snapchat & co even easier of course my personal review of the blog goes as before, but in the course of which, may not be missing, so here we go: Read more…

A High on Marina Hörmanseder

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It’s raining all morning and the sky could be little grey, but on time at 11:30, when all their seats sitting opens the cloud cover and reveals the Sun like a big curtain that was just waiting for the perfect moment.
The show can begin.

There is talk of Marina Hall and I can tell you the fashion week would be a competition, Marina would be the winner.
Actually her collection I liked so well, like no other, which has of course also to do, that Marina hard and tender, mastered the perfect balancing act out as I’ve seen it so far rarely.
I had a feeling though in advance that I would really like the collection, but that she would hit me so from the stool, this was not to be expected! Read more…

New Labels to Watch

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While the summer currently presents itself from its best side, also our wardrobe with some new must-haves in fashion and accessories is pleased. Even better: New labels there each season and also lots of creative input, inspiration, and new outfit ideas.
Happy August, happy shopping!
In the hottest of all summer months are especially labels with an airy fashion and cool designs in the foreground. Whether delicate dresses from Danish label Cecilie Copenhagen (Tip: the 5th 9.8.2015 which will take place from Copenhagen fashion week.) Also there is 2016 to see lots of new trends for S/S) or playful tops by Loup charming – this summer you can dream you not only Sun, beach and sea, but also lots of new favorite parts. There’s a sneak peek here: Read more…